Animated Series KAGAGI premieres new trailer and artwork!!!

13 episodes are available for immediate delivery


Animation Engine's KAGAGI, a successful animated series on Canada's APTV Network, has a new trailer and artwork. KAGAGI is based on the popular Arcana Graphic Novel Kagagi: The Raven by Jay Odjick. Derek Newman-Stille from Speculating Canada calls KAGAGI "a powerful story about transformation with a mixture of coming of age story, resistance to the superhero destiny, and overcoming systemic bullying…" KAGAGI tells the story of Matthew Carver, an average 16 year old kid dealing with normal teenage stuff: high school drama, teenage angst and a huge crush. Or at least he was yesterday. Today he found out that he has inherited an ancient power and responsibility - the ages old evil known as the Windingo has returned. And Matthew Carver must defeat it. He is Kagagi: The Raven!

For screener requests, sales inquires, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jamie R. Thompson at or Maureen van Mourik at

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