Animated feature THE INTRINSIC starts production and premieres new trailer!!!

TheIntrinsicAlexRoss dressed-1.jpg

Animation Engine's THE INSTRINSIC, a successful cross-over graphic novel from Arcana Comics, has started production on it's first 13 episode season.

Jesse Brown from calls THE INTRINSIC "Just plain fun, so enjoy the ride" and raves that "The action is intense, bold, and very well presented."

THE INTRINSIC synopsis is as follows: Nighmares are upon us. The battle of the century is taking place and it looks like the heroes have fallen and doom is at front door. Thankfully it really was all a dream, but more than that, it was a vision... from the future. “Philosopher” Ishmael Stone is reminded by this that he still must collect the chosen few that have the ability to stand against evil or else see the collapse of humanity. He identifies the remaining chosen one as a young woman from modern day earth and recruits her to the cause, while revealing her power. The rest of the good guys show up just in the nick of time to save the others from an assault by demons sent through a portal. Together they retreat, and share knowledge about the guy responsible for all this, and that he is motivated to find his queen, to which he will literally unleash hell to get her back.

For screener requests, sales inquires, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jamie R. Thompson at or Maureen van Mourik at

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