Animated Feature HOWARD LOVECRAFT & THE FROZEN KINGDOM will be ready for delivery in May 2016

Arcana Studios has completed the first stage of production on their latest animated feature film HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE FROZEN KINGDOM. We are excited to announce that the film will be ready for delivery in May 2016.

HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE FROZEN KINGDOM skews towards the young male audience aged 8-12, but it is truly a four-quadrant property appealing to the young and old, and male and female. The tone is spooky, not scary, similar to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Howard is a sophisticated character grounded human with complex emotions while the motley cast creates an abundance of humor from fantastical creatures.

HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE FROZEN KINGDOM is also a series of widely applauded graphic novels published and distributed throughout the world. Appealing to the ‘comic book crowd’ while leveraging the existing readership of the Howard Lovecraft book series as well as the H.P. Lovecraft followers, Arcana’s team is confident that this will be the biggest and most successful project they’ve accomplished thus far.

Young Howard Lovecraft begins his adventure by going to the Butler Sanitarium with his mother to visit his father Winfield Lovecraft, a patient there who has been driven mad by something he’s done.

Howard's father goes into a spasm of paranoia and fear, begging his son to destroy a book that he should have never written. The boy doesn't scream during the incident, but does go home with a small gift – a paper star made by his father.

Once home, Howard’s curiosity is too much as he begins to read his father’s book. He's drawn into a dark, cold world of magic and deceit. The book tells of a place – R'yleh – a "kingdom described as an unholy marriage of fairy tales and nightmares."

Unwittingly, the boy reads a few words written in the book in a strange language – and is sucked through a whole in the fabric of the universe.

He meets a Deep One, Thu Thu Hmong, who initially tries to eat Howard but comes around after the boy saves the creature's life. Howard, who fails to pronounce the creature's name, simply calls him Spot. From that point on, things get interesting for the young Lovecraft as he is drawn into the history and darkness of this strange new world.

Howard, accompanied by Spot, meets local children named Felch, Davik, Tw’i and Innes. These four children give Howard the education needed to begin his journey in the Kingdom of R’yleh. When Howard and Spot get to the Frozen Castle they meet Algid Bunk, the Earl working under King Alzhared.

Guided by Algid, Howard and Spot must uncover the dark secrets of R’yleh in order for Howard to get back home to his family.

If you would like more information about HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE FROZEN KINGDOM please let us know. Our lineup with all of our completed films for immediate delivery is below! Click on the artwork to get more information and to access the trailers and Vimeo screeners.

For sales inquiries and questions about availability, please contact for more information.

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